The international Mesothelioma interest group (iMig) is a community of physicians, basic researchers, scientists, care providers, and social advocates that is engaged in understanding the underlying genetics, immune and molecular mechanisms, proteomics, and epidemiologic factors associated with mesothelioma.

As not only the original and longest standing (1995), but the only society dedicated solely to the study of mesothelioma, iMig aims to be the central body promoting research, treatment, and education for mesothelioma.

iMig strives to play a central role in identifying and endorsing the best treatments available for mesothelioma patients today and establishing the best possible treatments for tomorrow.

iMig 2023 Organizer on behalf of iMig

Established in 1999, the IFCT consolidates medical and scientific expertise in thoracic oncology, giving it the unique capacity to recruit patients for all phases of cancer treatment evaluation. The IFCT has its own operational infrastructure and is equipped to design, promote, and carry out clinical studies in France and internationally, and to communicate the findings thus obtained.The IFCT is a major player in clinical oncology research, with thousands of patients enrolled in investigations since its establishment, and findings published in the most highly recognized medical journals (Lancet, JCO, etc.). The IFCT’s activity regularly results in the introduction of new drugs or strategies that improve the efficacy, safety, and/or economic impact of anti-cancer therapies. This in turn leads to better patient management. The IFCT also got involved since decade to develop translational research by associating systematically one or several studies with every decades clinical trial.